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Complete information about 400 hot career fields to read on your Kindle, iPad, or phone. Careers Ebooks can supply a lifeline to anyone who is facing the devastating reality of job loss or the confusion of career decisions..

Almost 10 million jobs have been lost in the past year. The unemployment rate is over 10% and 20 million Americans can't find a job.

You may be a student looking forward to a world of work not knowing how to proceed, how to succeed, even how to survive! You may already have been employed but been laid off or had your job downsized, and don't know how to jump start your career or find a new career you are suited for.

Responding to this critical need for the most up-to-date information on how to find fulfilling employment in today's challenging job market, Institute For Career Research has expanded our nationwide research network to issue new comprehensive reports of promising career fields for the 21st Century.

Every Careers Ebook contains a wealth of unbiased information about an occupational field, based on the direct interviews with reliable experts. Careers Ebooks cover attractive and unattractive sides, opportunities, education necessary, personal qualifications required, earnings, descriptions of different job specialties, first person accounts by those in the field, and how to get started; including practical advice on what to do now. There are llinks to schools and colleges, associations, periodicals and other sources of useful information.

Careers Ebooks are the results of impartial research that will give you answers for today and tomorrow. Careers Ebooks will help you choose the work which will fulfill your life and reward your expectations. You may not know what you want to do - even what there is to do. There never was a time when selecting a career was more important . . .or more baffling. Students can use Careers Ebooks for assignments, such as papers, career days, and personal research


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